Short Stories and Other Publications

Senior Anatomy (Flash Fiction, 800 words), August 2022, Suddenly and Without Warning

Lessons Learned from a Year Listening to the Fictional Octopus in My Head (Essay, 1,200 words), May 2022, LitHub

“That Year” (Flash Fiction, 600 words), December 2021, trampset

“And It Was True” (Flash Fiction, 1000 words), August 2021, Fudoki Magazine

“Crush Season” (Short Story, 1500 words), January 2021, in Hope: An Anthology of Hopeful Stories and Poetry by TL;DR Press

“The Last Ride” (Flash Fiction, 600 words), December 2020, Dream Journal’s Winter Wonder-mare

“Our Last Race” (Flash Fiction, 500 words), September 2020, Flora Fiction, Vol 1 Issue 3, Page 41

“Arthur’s Invitation” (Flash Fiction, 500 words), August 2020, The Daily Drunk

“First Class Curse” (Micro-fiction), May 2020, 101 Words

“Bratwursted” (Short Story, 2000 words), Summer 2020, Funny Pearls

“Trailblazer” (Short Story, 1000 words), April 2020 in The Writer’s Circle 2, an anthology published by Prime Press

“Deadletter Messages” (Short Story, 1500 words), January 2020 in 72 Hours of Insanity Vol 7, an anthology published by Writer’s Workout

“Carry On” (Short Story, 2500 words), January 2020 in Beneath Strange Stars: A Science-Fiction, Fantasy, and Speculative Fiction Anthology, published by TL;DR Press. Nominated for a Pushcart Prize, 2020

“Down Crow Canyon” (Short Story, 2500 words), December 2019, Siren’s Call, Issue 48 (page 121)

“The Carnival Fish” (Flash Fiction, 500 words), September 2019, Furious Fiction contest shortlist, Australian Writer’s Centre (first shortlisted entry)