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Strategic Happiness Initiative Toward Safety, Health, and Onsite Work (Flash Fiction)

FOURTH PLACE, NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge, September 2020. Genre: Political Satire; Prompts: “basketball court” (location) and “buttercream” (object). These prompts gave me an immediate headache when I received them, but I ended up having so much fun writing this epistolary-style story! As the pandemic drags into its second year, management wants everyone back at the office. They find a clever…

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Contest Entries, Drama, Family, Literary Fiction

Delicious (Flash Fiction)

Have we reached the point where something can be vintage-Covid? Eight months in, I think so. This piece (which is absolutely fiction, although heavily influenced by life) hits that summer 2020 note. Written for a comp in which it didn’t place, and I don’t have anywhere else to submit it, so sharing it here. [500 words] *** Five toes. I…

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Contest Entries, Horror

Pepper’s Revenge (Microfiction)

FIRST PLACE, NYCM Microfiction Challenge, November 2019. Genre: Horror; Prompts: “washing dishes” and “talent.” 250 words. *** “Ginger, Samson, Felix,” you sing softly, unpinning a dishrag from the clothesline on the patio. Their names, I assume.  It’s been years since you said mine. The screen door bangs as you return to the kitchen. I count the bowls as you wash…

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Contest Entries, Short Stories, Speculative Fiction

For Good Reason (Short Story)

A rookie poltergeist faces her toughest assignment yet—and this time, it’s personal. Written for YeahWrite SuperChallenge 14, October 2019. Prompts were: Location, outside a family member’s home and Object (which must be plot pertinent), a “pretty rock.” I never thought I’d write a ghost story in an open-genre competition but here it is! 980 words. *** Yellow? They painted the…

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Comedy, Contest Entries, Short Stories, Suspense

Sweet Dreams (Short Story)

It’s a totally bitchin’ summer for Anna, working at the Fotomat…until she realizes life isn’t all Kodak moments. Third Place, NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge 2, September 2019. Genre: Suspense; Location: A drive-through; Object: a boarding pass. 998 words. *** “God, these people!” Mandy flips through the glossy snapshots. “Piano recitals, graduation parties. Gag me.” “Can you not mess everything…

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Contest Entries, Drama, Short Stories

Table Twelve (Short Story)

Originally written for Writer’s Weekly’s 24-hour Short Story Contest, Summer 2019. The prompt was a rather long paragraph of text that had to be incorporated somehow in the story (either verbatim or in spirit). I won’t even bother to post it because I hacked it to bits. Many of those bits got flushed in post-submission polishing but a few are…

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Contest Entries, Science Fiction, Short Stories

The Perfect Match (Short Story)

Young, literate, and Earthborn: female Six-Four-One is a perfect match for Muldoon, the casino tycoon. Things are about to get dangerously hot in the Ice Orbit. Originally written for NYCM Flash Fiction Challenge 1, July 2019, where it scored fourth in its heat. Genre: Science Fiction; location: a casino; object: a paper shredder. 1,600 words. *** The metal chair is…

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Family, Travel, WIP

Procrastination in Paris

Picture it with me, won’t you? A cafe table on a pedestrian-rich sidewalk, a minor capillary in the city’s bursting circulatory system. The street is quiet yet bustling, shaded from the summer heat by the long shadows cast from buildings that have been there for centuries, each facade so jaw-dropping in its ornate whitewashed glory that they all seem to…

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