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Strategic Happiness Initiative Toward Safety, Health, and Onsite Work (Flash Fiction)

FOURTH PLACE, NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge, September 2020. Genre: Political Satire; Prompts: “basketball court” (location) and “buttercream” (object). These prompts gave me an immediate headache when I received them, but I ended up having so much fun writing this epistolary-style story! 1,000 words. CONTENT ADVISORY: Adult Humor ***** As the pandemic drags into its second year, management wants everyone…

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Sweet Dreams (Short Story)

It’s a totally bitchin’ summer for Anna, working at the Fotomat…until she realizes life isn’t all Kodak moments. Third Place, NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge 2, September 2019. Genre: Suspense; Location: A drive-through; Object: a boarding pass. 998 words. *** “God, these people!” Mandy flips through the glossy snapshots. “Piano recitals, graduation parties. Gag me.” “Can you not mess everything…

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